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At Yeast There are Options

Posted by Shawn Dyck on

When it comes to choosing a liquid yeast, there are some factors that can sway you from one yeast manufacturer to another. Do you want to do a straight pitch? Do you want to make a starter? Do you want to have to add yeast nutrients or not? Do you want a specific strain for a particular beer style?

Here are some overviews on 5 different yeast suppliers (that carries!)


Ahh, the Smack-Pack Activator….If you want to get the yeasties going bananas without having to make a starter, look no further. There is a yeast nutrient pack in every package! All you have to do is isolate the pack into a corner, smack it (literally), and let the packaging slowly balloon during the brew day and pitch it straight when the time comes!

White Labs

Smallest packaging available! This company has a fabulous selection of yeast varieties for all your brewing needs! You can get anything from a basic California Ale yeast, Bretts and Wine/Cider yeasts! White Labs had the first pitchable liquid yeast, so they have been doing this for a long time! These yeasts are available from our online store as well as the retail store!

Yeast Bay

Largest selection of Brett and sour blends! They were also the first of these 5 manufactures to carry the magical Kveik strain (Sigmund Voss Kveik)!!!! Grain to glass in just a handful of days????? That’s just plain crazy! (and it gives some nice hints of orange peel to boot! Their quality is top notch and you can peruse the list that we carry


Escarpment Labs

Ontario’s first yeast manufacturer in Guelph, Ontario! What do you get when you put a few homebrewing beer aficionados together in one business?? You get the team at Escarpment Labs, of course! These yeasts have a 180+ billion count pitch rates!!! Not only do they have some of the best yeast Canada has to offer, they also took in some wild yeasts straight from the Ontario countryside! Way cool, guys!

Le Labo - solutions brassicoles

A new company out of Quebec, le Labo has yeast strains with a 200 billion pitch count! This manufacturer has big plans to release a large number of strains as it grows! (pun intended) Why not try their Brett Tropique strain for a funky and fruity saison?!

So what are your favourite yeasts from these different companies????


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