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Hesitant To Start Home Brewing? Try These Tips.

Posted by Beer Grains Supply Co. on

Beer. Ahhhhhh, beer. 

The crisp, cool, refreshing flavour of our favourite beverage is desirable at almost any time of day during nearly any activity. Hanging out with friends during a BBQ, spending time at home doing chores in the yard, or cheering on your hometown hockey team are three things definitely better with beer in your hand. It’s no secret that beer is a luxury we enjoy - and one we often pay a little too much for every month. 

The idea of brewing your own beer may have crossed your mind a time or two (or three or four). How great would it be to always have freshly brewed beer at home, waiting for you at a moment’s notice? As great as it sounds, many avid beer lovers haven’t jumped into home brewing as a hobby because it can be expensive to get started and requires a decent amount of space to set up all of the equipment - and then leave it set up for the duration of the brew. 

If you find yourself in similar shoes, try a few of these tips to see if you can squeeze brewing your own delicious beer into your life. 

Start Small

Home brewing isn’t for everyone, so before you dive in head first and get the nicest and newest equipment, it’s best to start small to see if you enjoy the hobby as much as you think you will. This kit makes it easy to brew your own beer! Follow the simple instructions and have some fun while you’re at it. 

The 1 Gallon Starter Kit ($57.79) is one of our most popular Canadian beer brewing supplies available at Beer Grains. It includes a 1 gallon glass fermenter, a cap and airlock, sanitizing solution, a racking cane, plastic tube and clamp, a bottle capper and caps, a bottle filler, and your choice of a starter ingredient kit. Choose an ingredient kit:

  • Bavarian Weissbier
  • Hay Bale Blonde Ale
  • Java Moose Coffee Porter
  • Jeff’s Bee’s Knees Pale Ale
  • Moose Factory IPA

If you really take to brewing 1 gallon, it’s easy to upgrade certain pieces of your equipment to brew more beer. We also offer a 6 gallon starter kit for brewers seeking more volume off the bat.

Be Smart

The easiest way to save money while you brew is to work smarter. There is a delicate brewing process that, when followed correctly, will make your beer taste just as good as your favourite brew from a local brewery. However, if you make a mistake on the timing or with the process, you may not enjoy pouring a skunked beer down the drain. We won’t judge if you cry a few small tears if this happens to you. We’re here for you. 

To avoid this, do your research and follow the instructions to a T. That way you’ll be fully prepared every step of the way and will be able to enjoy a cold one and give yourself a pat on the back when the brew is complete. When done correctly, homebrewers tend to save money in the long run when comparing buying brewing ingredients or beer off the shelf or in the bar. 

Beer Grains invites brewers - novice and experienced - to celebrate the joy of beer with our community. Share your experiences with us!

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