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Top 10 Homebrew Beer Gifts for 2018

Posted by Jason on

Looking for great Christmas gift ideas for your favourite homebrewer? Well you have come to the right place.

Christmas is just around the corner so it's the perfect time to release a Top 10 list of the best homebrew beer gifts and beer making supplies for 2018.

All of these gift ideas are great for anyone who wants to get started learning how to make beer. Most of the items on this list are also essentials for intermediate and experienced homebrewers that are sure to please.

So let's get started with our Top 10 Homebrew Beer Gifts and Beer Making Supplies for 2018!

1. 2 Row Malt - $1.39/lb

Every homebrewer needs a pile of 2 Row Malt on hand. It's by far the most widely used malt in most beer recipes here in Canada and across North America. It's the go to base malt for the vast majority of IPAs, Blonde Ales, Stouts, American Pale Ales, etc. If you know a homebrewer there's an incredible chance that they often use 2 Row Malt and a lot of it.

A typical 5 US gallon beer recipe calls for at least 8 lbs of 2 Row so I would aim for 10 lbs or more to be safe. You can order it pre-crushed (milled) or whole grain (unmilled). All malt needs to be crushed to be used so if you're unsure which to choose select the "Crush Grains" option.

When you order malt from Beer Grains Supply Co we pack it in vacuum sealed, moisture barrier bags for optimal freshness. Crushed malt is fresh for at least 3 months for most base malt, much longer for dark malts so there's no need to worry about freshness. Just store it in a cool dry space.


2. 1 Gallon Starter Kit - $52.49

Brew 1 gallon of great tasting beer. This kit is a perfect gift for anyone who is big on craft beer and short on space. It makes approximately 6 500ml bottles of beer. This kit allows your brewer to try out homebrewing with little investment. If they fall in love with the hobby, and I'm sure they will, everything in this kit will come in handy when they graduate to larger batches.

Each kit comes with your choice of one all-grain recipe kit and a full set of detailed instructions.


  • Your choice of one ingredient kit
  • 1 Gal. glass fermenter
  • Cap and airlock
  • Sanitizing solution
  • Racking cane
  • Plastic tube
  • Bottle filler
  • 6 Swing-top Bottles

You Supply:


3. 6 Gallon Starter Kit - $83.99

This 6 Gallon Starter Kit is a great way to get started in homebrewing beer. This kit includes all the essentials needed to make up to 5 gallons of beer at home. As the brewer develops their skills they will never outgrow these essentials. It makes approximately 40 500ml bottles of beer, or 60 regular bottles.


  • 6 Gal (23 litre) high quality Italian GLASS CARBOY
  • Mixing Spoon
  • Mash Paddle
  • 3/8" Siphon Tube & Clamp
  • Primary Fermenter & Lid
  • Sanitizing Solution
  • Airlock & Rubber Bung
  • Test Jar
  • Triple Scale Hydrometer
  • Racking Tube
  • Brewing Guide to get you started

The brewer can make wine, beer, cider, and mead with this equipment so no matter what they're in to, this kit will work perfectly.

There may be additional equipment required depending on the product being brewed. Please Contact Us with any questions. We'll make sure you get what you need.


4. 500ml Swing-Top Bottles (12 pack) - $24.99

Bottles are great for storing beer, taking beer to gatherings, and giving your homebrew as gifts. Even if your favourite brewer likes to keg their beer chances are a good set of bottles will come in handy.

This set of bottles comes with stainless steel swing-tops and gaskets. These bottles, swing-tops, and gaskets are incredibly good quality.

  • The glass is nice and thick and will take 8+ bars of internal pressure
  • The swing top wires are made of stainless steel
  • The gaskets are FDA approved, made to survive 12+ ABV beer, and will last a very-very long time
  • Made in Germany


5. Moose Factory IPA Recipe Kit - from $14.99

The Moose Factory IPA recipe kit is our best selling kit and for good reason. It's really really good! Okay I'm biased but I'm sure you'll agree. It's available in 1 Gallon (All-Grain) and 5 Gallon (Extract and All-Grain) sizes.

This recipe is a classic North American style IPA. It's brimming with citrusy, floral hop bitterness and aroma and is balanced with a clean malty foundation.


  • Grains
  • Hops
  • Your choice of Yeast
  • Instructions suitable for all skill levels


  • OG - 1.062
  • IBU - 63
  • SRM - 7.3
  • ABV - 6.4%


6. FastFerment Conical Fermenter Kit - $129.99

Who likes racking and transferring homebrew? Not this guy, and probably also not your favourite beer lover. The FastFerment makes this process a LOT easier. And let's be honest, anything that makes getting beer into our bellies easier is a good thing. Some also say it allows them to spend more time with the kids, hint hint wink wink.

Just pour the wort into the top and let fermentation do it's thing. When it's done open the valve at the bottom and it literally falls, conveniently through a tube, into bottles. It's that easy.


  • One 7.9 US Gallon / 30 Litre Conical Fermenter
  • 6" (15cm) Screw Top, Grommet & Airlock
  • Bottom Collection Ball For Harvesting Yeast
  • 1" Union Teflon Valve and fittings
  • Wall Mounts (2), Mounting Bolts & Anchors (4)
  • 1/2" (1.25cm) PVC Hose (47"/120cm) & Hose Clamp
  • Permanent Thermowell for Temperature Monitoring
  • Instructions


7. 64oz Stainless Steel Growler - $39.99

This portable stainless steel growler is a great gift for any homebrewer and craft beer lover. It holds a full 64oz or 1.8L of beer!

Take your beer with you to festivals and parties in style and never worry about lost pressure. Your beer will stay cooler longer due to it's steel mass. You never need to worry about your beer getting warm on those hot summer days.

The growler is made from 304 stainless steel so it's easy to clean and sanitize. The top swings right off and remains attached so you will never lose the top.


8. Taprite Draft Beer Tower with Double Faucet - $169.99

It's safe to say that almost every beer lover would like to pour their own draft beer at home. Serve your favourite homebrew or craft beer on tap at home with this Taprite Double Faucet Draft Beer Tower. What a great gift!

Taprite makes some of the best draft beer equipment available. This tower features all stainless steel construction, 2 stainless steel faucets, quality gaskets and beer lines. This draft beer tower is commercial grade and will faithfully serve draft beer for many years.

Additional equipment may be required for a complete bar setup. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.


9. Star San Sanitizer - from $15.99

Every homebrewer needs sanitizer every time they brew beer so you can be sure this gift will be appreciated. Star San sanitizer is the go-to choice for most homebrewers which makes this a great gift. Five Star is a leader in the homebrew cleaning and sanitizing market.

Star San is a very effective sanitizer that's easy to use. It was developed for the brewing industry, requires only 2 minutes of contact time, does not require a rinse after words, and is self foaming which helps to penetrate those hard to reach areas where beer spoiling yucky's like to hide.


10. Cascade Hop Pellets - $1.99/oz or $24.99/lb

This hop makes a great gift for any homebrewer. 

Cascade hops are by far the most widely used hop in craft beer and homebrew across Canada and the United States! Cascade is a very well balanced hop with an amazing aroma that is both citrusy and flowery with a slight spicy note.

If they brew often or in larger batches a 1 LB package is probably the best way to go. We store and pack all of our hops in nitrogen so there's no need to worry about freshness. Store hops in the freezer until gift giving day.



Well this wraps up our Top 10 Homebrew Beer Gifts for 2018. I hope this list makes shopping for your favourite homebrewer a little easier.

If you're still not sure what to get we are happy to help, just Contact Us. We also offer Gift Certificates available both in store and online.

Cheers and happy holidays from Beer Grains Supply Co!

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