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Make a high quality wine right here in our winery!

Start making wine today

Our winery is equipped to receive you. Making your wine in our winery will save you space and precious time plus you won't need to buy any equipment.

Making your own wine will also save you money. You can make great quality wines for as low as $4 a bottle. All batches are 23 litres and wield 29 to 30 bottles.

There is four easy steps to make your wine.

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Choose a wine

Choose the perfect wine for your tastes. Our experts can help you make the right choice. We have many different kits to choose from.

Wine kits range from: 75.00$ - 159.00$

You can order online, call or visit the store

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Fermentation on site

Ferment your wine and wait. Add yeast to the must to start the fermentation process. Our experts will monitor the fermentation process. No equipment required, we supply everything from our own winery.

Fermentation time: 4 to 6 weeks

Fermentation services: 45.00$ - 55.00$

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Bottle your wine

Bottle and label your wine. Bottle using our equipment. We supply the corks. Bring your cleaned bottles or buy new ones in our shop.

We have different packing options for you: 5 litre dispensing bags, 23 litre keg system or plain 750ml cork bottles.

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Bring it home

Bring your wine home and let it age for a few months. We recommend a minimum of 2 months.

The optimum would be to let your wine age for at least 12 months.  Who wants to wait that long right?  If you keg your wine and let it sit for 3 months, it is the equivalent of 12 months if bottled.  Ask about a keg system. We have many different options for you.