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3 Gallon Glass Carboy

3 Gallon Glass Carboy


Don't forget your airlock!

Airlock Bubbler

Quantity : 1

Easy to use 2 chamber bubbler airlock for venting gases during fermentation.

No. 6.5 Drilled Stopper

Quantity : 1

This no. 6.5 drilled rubber stopper fits all of our carboys and the 1 gallon growler. Can also be used on fermentation pail lids.


3 Gallon Glass Carboy

This 3 gallon carboy is perfect for making test batches or for splitting a 5 gallon into two batches for different yeasts or dry hopping.

  • 3 gallon (11.5L) easy to clean glass carboy
  • Perfect for small experimental batches
  • Made in Italy

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