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8 Gallon Brewer's Best Kettle (Drilled)

8 Gallon Brewer's Best Kettle (Drilled)


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8 Gallon Brewer's Best Kettle (Drilled)

This brew kettle is made from 201 stainless steel and is polished to a beautiful shine. It's the perfect size for 5 gallon batches and there's no need to worry about boil over. Why drool over your friends gear when you can drool over your own?
This kettle comes with a 1" drilled hole at the bottom for bulk head (included)


  • 8 gallons (30 litres) capacity
  • 1" hole for bulk head (included)
  • 11.81" (30 cm) diameter, 16.93" (43 cm) tall
  • Comes standard with a lid
  • Included bulk head has a 1/2" female (inside kettle) and 1/2" male (outside kettle)