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Dehydrated Clementines - 28g

Dehydrated Clementines - 28g



Anhydra Dehydrated Clementines - 28g

These naturally dehydrated clementines are simply scrumptious! Dehydrated with a hot air circulation process, they retain their much appreciated nutrients, beautiful colour and flavours. A fruit rich in vitamins and minerals, the clementine abounds with interesting qualities for creating new recipes. Often associated with year-end celebrations, the clementine brings a festive and colourful character to everything it touches.

These dehydrate clementines are cut into pieces that include the peel and the pulp to preserve all of the flavours and to offer you nothing less than exceptional dried clementines. Because these dehydrated clementines retain their exquisite taste, you will need a much lesser amount for the same result, or an even better one!

Recommended dosage

Add in last 15 min of boil, use 14 - 28g for a  19 litre batch of beer.