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Anvil carboy cooling system

Anvil carboy cooling system



Anvil carboy cooling system

Keeping your fermentation temperatures under control is a very important part of fermentation for optimal flavor control and quality of the finished beer. With the Anvil Cooling System, you wont be disappointed! This simple system includes virtually everything you need to keep your beer temperature closely regulated at an amazing price. Needed, but not included, is a cooler filled with water and ice, or a glycol chiller, and if desired an insulation jacket for your carboy. Get the best quality beer possibly by keeping fermentation temperatures under control with the Anvil Cooling System!

This system includes

  • Sanitary Stainless Steel Cooling Coil.
  • 12" Santary Stainless Steel Thermowell.
  • 4 Hole #7 Stopper.
  • Submersible Pump - 12V DC Max Head - 16 ft.
  • Cooling Hose.
  • Airlock.
  • Anvil Temperature Controller