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Ball Lock Liquid Disconnect 8mm Duotight - Kegland

Ball Lock Liquid Disconnect 8mm Duotight - Kegland


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Yellow Liquid / Gas Ball Lock Cap - Kegland

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Ball Lock Liquid Disconnect 8mm Duotight - Kegland

The humble plastic ball lock disconnects have been around a long time and are used by thousands of home brewers around the world.  Despite the extensive use they have seen, little to no innovation has been made for decades and KegLand wanted to change this.  As a result they have come out with the new duotight ball lock disconnect.


  • Duotight push-in
    • These duotight ball lock disconnects already have the duotight fitting built into the ball lock disconnect. No need for additional threaded fittings. Simply push the beer or gas line in and you are done.
  • Compact
    • The worlds most compact ball lock disconnect ever manufactured. This new compact form is great for tight spaces or fridges where you want to pack as many kegs as possible. This is the only ball lock disconnect that allows standard ball lock kegs to be double stacked while still connected to beer and gas lines.
  • Tool-less Disassembly
    • Other ball lock disconnects require a tool such as a flat head screw driver or spanner to take them apart for cleaning. The new caps on these allow for easy disassembly by hand, making cleaning easier.
  • High Flow
    • The internal design allows for a faster flow; meaning you can transfer more quickly compared to other plastic ball lock disconnects.