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Beer Filtering System 10" - Kegland

Beer Filtering System 10" - Kegland


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Beer Filtering System 10" - Kegland

The beer filter works best when used as the middle man when transferring cold (near 0°C) uncarbonated beer between two kegs.  This filtration system will filter out any remaining yeast and particles.  Note that is you are going to bottle condition your beer, you will need to add yeast to the bottling bucket.


  • Clear high pressure housing
  • Purge valve to expel air pockets
  • ½” BSP inlet and outlet
  • Includes brass ball valve
  • Brass threaded ports for durability
  • Compatible with other 10” filter systems

NOTE: Hot liquids exceeding 50°C should not be used in direct contact with the filter housing. Do not use this filter on unrestricted water mains that can exceed 70 psi.

This filtration system can also be used to filter your yeast in your distillation wash.  By removing yeast before you put your wash into your boiler this will significantly improve the quality of your final spirit.