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Belgian Abbey Malt - Weyermann

Belgian Abbey Malt - Weyermann

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Belgian Abbey Malt - Weyermann

Weyermann® Abbey Malt® is a highly friable base malt with pronounced malty aromas, and assertive flavors such as honey, nuts as well as hints of chocolate.  Suitable for traditional Abbey ales, as well as Trappist beers.  Also well suited for a full range for Belgian beer styles, including fruit beers.

Beer Styles: Traditional Abbey Ales, Trappist Ales, Belgian Specialty Beers, Belgian Blonde Beers, Belgian Bruin (Brown) Beers, Fest-Beers, Belgian Amber Beers, Belgian Ales, Faro, Fruit Beers

Malt Flavour

Pronounced maltiness, honey notes


Up to 50%


°L: 1.7 - 2.4


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