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Black Malt - Bairds

Black Malt - Bairds

$2.09 per 454g (Sold in bulk)


Black Malt - Bairds

Black malt provides intensely dark colour and acrid, ashy, roasted undertones to the flavour of beer. Kilned at temperatures up to 250°C (482°F), higher than Chocolate Malt, which results in flavours and colours that resemble a more intense chocolate malt. Black malt will produce a sharp roasty flavour at high percentages of grist composition. Lower grist percentages will add reddish colours with slight roasty notes.

Flavours and characteristics

Imparts strong burnt coffee, burnt, acrid flavours. Colours are dark and black.


Up to 3%


°L: 407 - 480

Beer styles

Stouts, Porters and very dark beers

Possible substitutes

Carafa Special III Malt - Weyermann
BlackPrinz Malt - Briess


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