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Blackprinz Dehusked Malt - Briess

Blackprinz Dehusked Malt - Briess

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Blackprinz Dehusked Malt - Briess

Blackprinz malt is produced from huskless barley and will contribute the same color characteristics as Black malt. This malt can be used in any recipe calling for debittered black malt. It has a subtle and smooth flavour with no bitter, astringent, or dry flavours and aftertaste. Excellent in Black IPAs, Schwarzbiers, other dark ales and lagers and for colour adjustment in any beer style.


  • 1-2%  Minor colour adjustment with little to no flavour impact in lighter coloured lagers and ale
  • 2-5%  Adds colour with subtle, smooth flavour
  • 5-10%  Use in larger quantities for colour plus mild roasted malty flavour


°L: 500

Flavours and characteristics

subtle and smooth, no bitterness or astringent

Possible substitutes

Carafa Special Type 3 (dehusked) malt - Weyermann


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