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Bottles 1000ml P.E.T. Plastic (12 pack)

Bottles 1000ml P.E.T. Plastic (12 pack)



Bottles 1000ml P.E.T. Plastic (12 pack)

These 1000ml plastic beer bottles are a great alternative to traditional glass bottles.  Bring your home-beer with you anywhere.  These bottles are made for the beach or camp site where glass bottles are prohibited.  They are light weight and less breakable making it the perfect bottle for you canoe or kayak camper.  Nothing is better than a home-brew on an island.

If you’ve been looking for a dark bottle without all of the weight of glass, these are the perfect home-brew bottles for you! Each package of these bottles comes with caps and are easy to fill and seal. The seals are as tight as you need them to be to ensure proper fermentation and enough carbonation.

  • Made from P.E.T. (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic.
  • This material is food grade, meaning it is safe to use for bottling your beer.
  • A great way to bring your home-brewed beer with you to places where they don’t allow glass bottles.
  • Much lighter and less breakable than traditional glass bottles.