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Bramling Cross Hops - 454g

Bramling Cross Hops - 454g


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Bramling Cross Hops - 454g

Bramling Cross hops are a cross between Golding and a wild Manitoban (Canada) hop. This hop is well suited for cask conditionning as well as fruit and Christmas beers. In order to let the flavours out of this Bramling Cross hop, you need to use alot of it - don't be shy use a lot in your late additon hops or dry-hop. When used in large quantities, Bramling Cross will spring forward notes of complex fruits, blackcurrants and pears. Some brewers have noted notes of blackberries and plums. This hop is a great substitute for East Kent Golding and can be used as a bittering hop.

Typical brewing styles:  Golden Ale, Porter, Stout, Strong Ale


Notes of lemon, blackcurrant, blackberries and plums particularly when used as a late addition.

Purpose: aroma and bittering
Alpha Acid:  5% - 7.8%
Beta Acid: 2.3% - 3.2%
Origin: UK
Possible substitutions: East Kent Golding

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