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Cascade Hop Rhizome

Cascade Hop Rhizome


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Cascade Hop Rhizome

Grow your own Cascade hops at home by ordering this Cascade hop rhizome!

  • The Cascade hop is the most popular hop used in Canadian and US craft and home-brew beers.
  • Each rhizome is shipped in a plastic bag filled with moistened peat moss for health and viability.
  • These rhizomes will be harvested from the Willamette Valley in Oregon at the end of March 2020.
  • This is a pre-order item that will ship mid to end April 2020. Any other products ordered at the same time will ship with the rhizomes at that time.

If you want to have the most control over the hops that you add to your home-brewed beers, you need to order one of these Cascade rhizomes so you can grow your own hops! When you brew your own IPAs or other hoppy beers, you know just how great the flavor of the Cascade hop can be: it has a moderately intense floral and citrus flavor and aroma.

Notably finer hop bines (more bines with a smaller diameter) create a lot of late season growth near the ground. This rhizome can harbor mites and shows notable resistance to mildews. Raised rows recommended. 36” in-row spacing.

Have your rhizomes potted before May!

IMPORTANT: This is a pre-order item and will ship mid to end April 2020. It's best to place a separate order for Rhizomes. Orders that include Rhizomes along with other product will all ship together in April 2020.