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Chlorinated TriSodium Phosphate Sanitizer 250g

Chlorinated TriSodium Phosphate Sanitizer 250g



Chlorinated TriSodium Phosphate Sanitizer

Chlorinated TSP is used for sanitation of stainless steel items and most plastics, the typical dosage is 1 cup per 5 gallons and must be rinsed with a citric acid solution to neutralize the residue.

For use in sanitation of all equipment, and surfaces in your brewery.


To be used in conjunction with Citric Acid.  Using a five step process.

  1. Surface and equipment must be rinsed
  2. Apply the TSP solution
  3. Another rinse
  4. Apply a citric Acid solution
  5. Finalized with a rinse
  6. The surface and equipment is now sanitized



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