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Chugger Pump – Plastic Head

Chugger Pump – Plastic Head


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Chugger Pump - Plastic Head

The Chugger Pump witch plastic head is used to transfer hot and/or cold liquids between brewing vessels. The Chugger Pump is shipped ready for installation. Pump inlet is in the center. The six screws on the pump head may be removed and the pump head can be rotated as required to fit your piping system.

  • Inlet 1/2" MPT, Outlet 1/2"MPT
  • Max Flow 16/19 LPM
  • Max Head 2.7/3.4 m
  • Power 10W
  • Electrical 115V 50/60HZ
  • Non-Submersible
  • Motor AMP Rating - 100/120mA
  • Can handle liquids of 250F
  • Materials are FDA Food Compliant
  • Components are UL Recognized