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Belgian Candi Syrup - Clear - 454g

Belgian Candi Syrup - Clear - 454g



Belgian Candi Syrup - Clear - 454g

Belgian Candi Syrop is made from beet sugar.  This traditional light coloured candi syrup is cooked briefly to achieve high fermentability and to partially invert the sugars. This is a clear candi syrup and will not add any colour to the finished beer.

This candi sugar can be used in many beer styles from Belgian styles to IPA.  Unlike dextrose, candi syrup will not dry out a beer so use this sugar to boost the gravity of your beer.


°L: 0


1.032 pppg Note: pppg (Points per Pound per Gallon). 454g (1 lb) of dissolved syrop in 3.79L (1 gallon) of water will give a gravity of 1.032.

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