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Crystal Hops - 454g

Crystal Hops - 454g

This product is discontinued or no longer available // Ce produit est discontinué ou n'est plus disponible


Crystal Hops - 454g

Crystal hops are perfect as aroma hops. It’s woodsy, floral and fruity with herb and spice notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper. Crystal hops are extremely versatile. This hop is even used for its notable aromatic qualities in IPAs and Bitters despite its low alpha acid content.

Typical brewing styles: Pilsner, Lager, Kolsh, ESB, Alt, Belgian-Style Ales


Fruity, floral, woodsy, spice notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper.

Purpose: Aroma
Alpha Acids: 3.8%
Beta Acids: 6.6%
Origin: US
Possible substitutions: Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, Hallertauer Hersbrucker, Mount Hood, Liberty

Our hops live in Nitrogen! All hops are packaged, stored, and shipped in nitrogen for optimum freshness.