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Dehydrated Oranges - 28g

Dehydrated Oranges - 28g

$2.95 per 28g


Dehydrated Oranges - Anhydra - 28g

These dehydrated oranges, organic or conventional, are cut with their peel into quarters or round slices. The orange is the fourth most cultivated fruit in the world and it is used in many sectors of the food industry. The dehydrated orange is great for cake, muffin, cookie or beverage recipes; in our case, great tasting beer. The dehydration technique gently eliminates water from the fresh fruit while providing a rich and flavourful result. This dried fruit may be preserved up to 3 years in a cool and dry place.

Recommended dosage

Add in last 15 min of boil, use 14 - 28g for a 19 litre batch of beer.