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Escarpment Labs Arset Kveik Blend yeast

Escarpment Labs Arset Kveik Blend yeast


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Escarpment Laboratories Årset Kveik Blend

The overall flavour profile is similar to the Hornindal Kveik Blend, but this blend shows a higher degree of hop biotransformation. The Arset kveik blend also exhibits a broad temperature range and tolerates acidic worts quite well. This kveik yeast was sourced from Jakob Årset, on the farm Årset in Eidsdal, Norway.

Flocculation: High
Attenuation: 70 - 80%
Temperature: 20 - 37°C
Alcohol Tolerance: Very High
Diastatic (STA1): No

Flavour Profile: Neutral Light, Tropical fruit

Suitable Beer Styles: Blonde Ale, Pale Ale, IPA

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