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Escarpment Labs Belgian Sour Blend yeast

Escarpment Labs Belgian Sour Blend yeast


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Escarpment Laboratories Belgian Sour Blend yeast

This Belgian Sour Blend yeast is a mix of L. brevis and L. plantarum for use in kettle souring and for quick sours. This blend sours your wort within 24 hours. Compared to Lacto Blend 2.0, this blend may produce a sharper acidity with a more classic kettle sour profile. This blend is designed to be usable at a wide range of temperatures and is especially suited for kettle souring.

Fermentation Rate: High
Temperature: 30 - 40°C

Flavour Profile: Orchard Fruit, Clean

Suitable Beer Styles: Berliner Weisse, American Wild Ale, Fruit Beer

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