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Escarpment Laboratories Cerberus Yeast

Escarpment Laboratories Cerberus Yeast



Cerberus Yeast

This enigmatic strain has proven itself in many breweries who use it alone or paired with Vermont Ale to produce fruit-forward, hoppy beers. Produces and enhances tropical fruit flavours. If used alone, we recommend a highly fermentable wort. This strain is non-phenolic, but contains the STA1 gene potentially resulting in diastatic activity. However, we have not typically seen aggressive attenuation with this strain.

Attenuation: 70-80%
Temperature: 22-28ºC
Alcohol tolerance: Medium-High
Flocculation: Low


Add a Cool Yeast Shipper to protect your yeast. To ensure optimum viability we recommend an ice pack for each vial of yeast. For extra protection insulated packaging is also available.