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Escarpment Labs Jötunn yeast

Escarpment Labs Jötunn yeast



Escarpment Laboratories Jötunn yeast

Escarpment Labs bred a Saison strain and a Norwegian Kveik to produce the Jötunn yeast.  This yeast offers the best of both worlds; a dry finish, yet flocculent. Huge temperature range. Great option for Brett barrel or foeder aged Saisons since the primary yeast drops out fast.  Expect expressive fruitiness and low banana esters.  The Jötunn yeast is also suitable for ciders.

Flocculation: Medium - high
Attenuation: 80% +
Temperature: 22 - 35°C
Alcohol Tolerance: High
Diastatic (STA1): Yes

Flavour Profile: Fruit salad, light spices

Suitable Beer Style: Saison, Belgian Ale, Farmhouse Ale

Availability: September, October, November, December

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