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Escarpment Labs St. Lucifer Belgian Ale

Escarpment Labs St. Lucifer Belgian Ale


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Escarpment Laboratories St. Lucifer Belgian Ale

A high-character Belgian ale strain, able to produce high gravity beers with strong fruity and medium phenolic character. Excellent for strong golden ales and Tripels, but versatile for all Belgian ale applications. It is recommend to have a highly fermentable wort. Let the temperature free rise for this strain. Fermentation can be slow to finish. We like this strain for pale Belgian beer styles.

Flocculation: Medium
Attenuation: 75 - 85% +
Temperature: 20 - 28°C
Alcohol Tolerance: High
Diastatic (STA1): Yes

Flavour Profile: Balanced, Dry, Baking spice

Suitable Beer Styles: Belgian Ale, Tripel, Blond

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