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Escarpment Laboratories Yeast Lightning

Escarpment Laboratories Yeast Lightning



Escarpment Laboratories Yeast Lightning - 28g

Escarpment Labs has come up with its own yeast nutrients. Wort contains most of the nutrients required by yeast. Adding a nutrient blend like Yeast Lightning can improve post-ferment viability and improve fermentation. If you are cultivating your yeast, you will get more generations out of your liquid yeast.

Yeast Lightning is tailored for the needs of beer yeasts. You can also use Yeast Lightning for Hard Seltzers and Ciders. Each 28g pouch will give you enough nutrients for 28 batches of homebrew

Vew datasheet for more information

Recommended Dosage

For best results, use 1g per 20L (5 gallon) of wort.