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Escarpment Labs SCOBY starter culture

Escarpment Labs SCOBY starter culture


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Escarpment Laboratories SCOBY starter culture

Now you can make delicious kombucha at home, but first you need a great kombucha SCOBY.

We have you covered. Escarpment Labs has prepared this SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) grown in the perfect scientific environment and packed with healthy bacteria and yeast to ferment your kombucha quickly. You can download Escarpment Labs easy-to-follow instructions. Follow these instructions and you will be brewing delicious batches of kombucha in no time!

Once established, your SCOBY can be reused many times. Are you ready to experiment with wild flavours and fresh ingredients?


This is a strater culture. The package does not contain a SCOBY. We recommend growing a SCOBY before you enjoy a wonderful batch of kombucha. It may take up to two batches to get your SCOBY grown.