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FastFerment Stand Leg Extensions

FastFerment Stand Leg Extensions


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FastFerment Stand Leg Extensions

This is an extension for the FastFerment 14G fermenter. This extension also works with the FastFerment 7.9G fermenter stand. Extend the height of your FastFerment stand to make bottling or kegging easier.


  • 51cm (20") in length
  • 12mm (0.47") diameter Legs
  • 14mm (0.55") diameter Rings
  • Works for both 7.9G (30L) & 14G (53L) versions
  • Height from ground to airlock: 157cm (61.7")
  • Height from ground to top of lid: 148cm (58.2")
  • 66cm (26”) Total Clearance from Valve to Ground for kegging or bottling

** FastFerment fermenter sold separately