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Fleur Mécanique French Saison All-Grain Kit

Fleur Mécanique French Saison All-Grain Kit



Fleur Mécanique French Saison

This French saison from Gallicus is sure to satisfy everyone.  This saison style strong beer is brewed with a blend of barley, rye and wheat malt.  The hops bring a herbal and floral touch to the frank and distinct signature of the yeast.

Kit Includes

  • Grains
  • Hops
  • Instructions suitable for all skill levels

Your choice of yeast (not included)

Recipe Specifications

  • OG - 1.049
  • IBU - 35
  • SRM - 4.2
  • ABV - 5.9%
  • 5 gallon batch

Not included but required

  • Mash tun


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