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Hersbrucker Hops - 454g

Hersbrucker Hops - 454g


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Hersbrucker Hops GR - 454g

Hersbrucker hops are low in alpha acids which exhibits a pleasant aroma with a balanced, fruity, spicy and floral character. This hop was greatly used in German Lagers but it has found its way into English style beers.

Typical brewing styles:  Dunkel, Strong Ale, Pilsner, Altbier, Weizenbock, Golden Ale, Marzen, Pale Ale, Wheat, Specialty Ale, Hefeweizen, Light Ale, Lager


Floral, fruity and spicy aromas

Purpose: aroma
Alpha Acid:  2% - 5%
Beta Acid: 4% - 6%
Origin: Germany
Possible substitutions: Hallertauer Tradition, Spalter Select, Mount Hood, Strisselspalter, Hallertau, Liberty

Our hops live in Nitrogen! All hops are packaged, stored, and shipped in nitrogen for optimum freshness.