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Imperial Yeast G03 - Dieter Ale Yeast

Imperial Yeast G03 - Dieter Ale Yeast



Imperial Yeast G03 - Dieter Ale Yeast

Traditional Kölsch yeast strain, fairly flocculent and versatile.

Dieter is a clean, crisp, traditional German Kölsch strain. A very low ester profile makes this strain perfect for Kölsch, Alt and other light colored delicate beers. Dieter has better flocculation characteristics than most Kölsch strains which allow brewers to produce clean, bright beers in a shorter amount of time.

Temperature: 16-21oC (60-69oF)
Flocculation: Medium
Attenuation: 73-77%
Alcohol Tolerance: 10%

Recommended beer styles

  • Kölsch
  • Altbier
  • Gose


Add a Cool Yeast Shipper to protect your yeast. To ensure optimum viability we recommend an ice pack for each vial of yeast. For extra protection insulated packaging is also available.