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Introduction to homebrewing

Introduction to homebrewing



Introduction to homebrewing

NOTE: This course is offered in English and French.  Make sure you choose the right language.  See the event calendar below.

Are you a fan of craft beers? Well we are too! Beer Grains wants to share our passion for making great beer at home. Making beer is easy, you just need a little know how. This beginners course is perfect for people wanting to give it a try.

This introductory course is given by our experienced brewers and they can guide you in choosing the brewing method for you.

Course Content

  • Knowing the advantages of making your own beer.
  • Knowing the composition of beer.
  • Knowing the different ways to make your own beer at home.
  • Choosing a brewing technique that meets your needs.

Workshop Calendar

NOTE: Calendar show both English and French dates.