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KegLand Duotight In-Line Regulator

KegLand Duotight In-Line Regulator



KegLand Duotight In-Line Regulator 0 - 60psi (KL15035)

This compact regulator from KegLand is perfect for any keg system where you want to dispense your beers at different pressures.

If you want to force carbonate your beer you will need to have two different pressures (1 for carbonating, 1 for serving) this is where this regulator come into play.  You will be able to set your CO2 tank at 25psi and set your serving pressure to 10psi using the KegLand Duotight regulator.


  • Adjustable perssure 0 - 60psi
  • Suitable for water and gas
  • Duotight fittings for 8mm (5/16)
  • Made for Evabarrier Tubing
  • Mountable