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Kettle Whirlpool Kit - Blichmann

Kettle Whirlpool Kit - Blichmann



Kettle Whirlpool Kit - Blichmann

Want to brew like the big guys?  Making a whirlpool with our home brewing equipment is not easy.  Many recipes call for hops to be added during the whirlpool for up to 20 minutes.  Stirring your hot wort for this long is not an easy task.  Blichmann has come up with a kettle whirlpool kit.  This kit can be installed on any type or brand of brew kettle.

NOTE: To use this system properly, you will need a pump capable of handling boiling liquids with silicone hoses.


  • Linear flow valve
  • Bulk head fitting
  • Whirlpool tube
  • Shaft collar
  • o-ring set
  • 9/64" allen wrench