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Koji Rice (Dry) - 500g

Koji Rice (Dry) - 500g


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Koji Rice (Dry) - 500g

Make your own sake at home with the help of Koji rice.  You can also purchase a sake yeast for this Japanese drink.

Koji rice is a type of rice that has been inoculated with a mold called Aspergillus oryzae. This mold is responsible for breaking down the carbohydrates in the rice, converting them into simple sugars, and creating enzymes that give rise to a variety of culinary products. Koji rice is prized for its unique flavour and aroma, which is often described as sweet, nutty, and slightly floral.

Koji rice is a staple ingredient in Japanese cuisine, particularly in the production of sake, miso, and soy sauce. The koji mold, when applied to the rice, begins to multiply and create enzymes that break down the rice starches into simple sugars, which are then used by yeast to create alcohol or acid by fermentation.


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