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Lallemand Verdant IPA Ale Yeast

Lallemand Verdant IPA Ale Yeast



Lallemand Verdant IPA Ale Yeast

LalBrew Verdant IPA was specially selected in collaboration with Verdant Brewing Co. (UK) for its ability to produce a variety of hop-forward and malty beers. Prominent notes of apricot and undertones of tropical fruit and citrus merge seamlessly with hop aromas. With medium-high attenuation, LalBrew Verdant IPA leaves a soft and balanced malt profile with slightly more body than a typical American IPA yeast strain. This highly versatile strain is well suited for a variety of beer styles.

Beer Styles: American Pale, English Bitter, English IPA, NEIPA, Sours and Sweet Stout

Attenuation: medium to high
Flocculation: moderate
Temperature range: 18°C(64°F) to 23°C(73°F)
Alcohol tolerance: 10% ABV