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Lalvin 71B-1122 Wine yeast

Lalvin 71B-1122 Wine yeast



Lalvin 71B-1122 Wine yeast

Lalvin 71B is a wine yeast for nouveau-style wines. Lalvin 71B is known for making blush and semi-sweet wines and owes its success to its abilities to produce amyl ester (isoamyl acetate), reinforcing the aromatic profile of wines. Lalvin 71B also softens high acid musts by partially metabolizing malic acid (20%-30%).

Lalvin 71B is a high ester producer, which gives the wines a characteristic fruity (fruit salad) aroma. It is known for the production of the ester isoamyl acetate (3-methylbutyl
acetate), an ester described as having a banana and pear aroma. Hence it is useful to use in ‘neutral’ grape varieties to increase the expression of fruity characters. The cell
walls of Lalvin 71B are also highly adsorptive of polyphenolic compounds, thus limiting the tannic structure of red wines.

The combination of producing esters high in the ‘fruity’ spectrum and the ability to limit red wine tannin, colour and structure each contributes to the use of this yeast in early
consumption fresh and fruity red wines. Lalvin 71B is a relatively high producer of glycerol, which contributes to the mouthfeel effect of this yeast.

Lalvin 71B also undertakes malo-ethanolic fermentation, a biochemical pathway whereby some malic acid is degraded during alcoholic fermentation. Between 20-40% of malic acid in the juice can be metabolized this way.

Due to a low nitrogen demand, low H2S production and low production of SO2, this yeast is ideal to use in preservative free wines.

Temperature: 15 - 30°C
Alcohol Tolerance: 14%

Flavour Profile: Fruity (Fruit Salad), Banana, Pear

Suitable Style: Beaujolais