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Lalvin EC-1118 - Wine yeast

Lalvin EC-1118 - Wine yeast



Lalvin EC-1118 - Wine yeast

Robust, Reliable and Neutral. Useful for a wide range of applications, including wine and fruit cider fermentations.

A yeast selected in the Champagne region for its excellent properties in producing base wine for Champagne as well as “in-bottle” secondary fermentation. Lalvin EC-1118 is known for its robust and reliable fermentation kinetics. Its sensory contribution is considered neutral, as it gives very little yeast sensory contribution to the wine.
It is used extensively in the world for the production both white and red wines.

Temperature: 10 - 30°C
Alcohol Tolerance: 18%

Flavour Profile: Neutral

Suitable Style: Sparkling Wine, White, Red, Cider

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