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Lubeck German Pilsner Extract Kit

Lubeck German Pilsner Extract Kit



Lumbeck German Pilsner Extract Kit

Lübeck German Pilsner is a North German Pilsner. True to style, this German Pils is a crisp, clean, refreshing beer that prominently features German noble hop bitterness.

You will need temperature to make this lager

  1. Pitch yeast at 18°C
  2. When yeast takes off gradually lower to 12°C for 14 days
  3. Raise to 18°C for 2 days
  4. Gradually lower to 1-2°C for 6 weeks
  5. Bottle or keg

Kit Includes

  • Dry Malt Extract
  • Hops
  • Complete Instructions suitable for all skill levels

Your Choice of Yeast (Not Included)


  • OG - 1.049
  • IBU - 34
  • SRM - 3.4
  • ABV - 4.6%
  • 5 gallon batch

Not included but required

  • Fermentation temperature control