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Micro-Brew Starter Kit - Deluxe

Micro-Brew Starter Kit - Deluxe

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Micro-Brew Starter Kit - Deluxe

This starter kit is made for the Micro-Brew Beer Kits.  You have everything you need to ferment and bottle your Micro-Brew kit. The included funnel with splash guard makes it easy to pour the wort in to the fermenter.  To bottle, simply transfert the beer to the bottling bucket using the included auto-siphon and tubing.  From there add your priming sugar or use carbonation tablets in your bottles.  Attach the bottle filler to the siphon and you are ready to bottle your first beer.

Need a cleaner and sanitizer?  We got you covered with PBW cleaner and Oxy-San sanitizer.

We also sell bottles, caps and cappers.


** Micro-Brew Beer Kit not included