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Micro-Brew - Stout

Micro-Brew - Stout



Micro-Brew - Stout

This black ale will let you discover the joys of it’s Irish tradition. Its deep black colour as well as its creamy and abundant foam are characteristics of a stout. It has powerful chocolate and coffee flavours. Its bitterness makes it a beer for savvy amateurs.

Original Gravity: 1.054 - 1.060
Final Gravity: 1.016 - 1.020
Alcohol: 4.5 - 5.8%
IBU: 42
SRM: 40

Ingredients: Two-Row Barley Malt, Oats, Carafa, Chocolat
Hops: Northern Brewer, Chinook

This Micro-Brew kit is a 23 litre (6 gallons) bag of wort; no concentrate here.  This kit is perfect for those who want to make beer at home or in our store.  Easy to make with a minimum of equipment.  We recommend fermenting in a 7 gallon FerMonster fermenter to avoid spillage during fermentation.  New to home brewing?  Get the Micro-brew starter kit and make high quality beer right at home. This kit will wield approximately 42 bottles of 500ml.

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