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Montepulciano - Red Wine Sterile Must 23L

Montepulciano - Red Wine Sterile Must 23L



ABC Crafted Series - Montepulciano - Red Wine Sterile Must 23L

Popular wines made from Montepulciano varietal grapes:

  • Bartolo Mazzi Vittori
  • Maciarelli
  • Miglianico
  • Cantina Tollo
  • Cirelli La Collina

Montepulciano is a red wine grape grown widely in central Italy, most notably its eastern Abruzzo, Marche, and Molise regions. However, it is not planted in Montepulciano in southern Tuscany (see below). The variety is used mainly to produce dry red wines. A notable exception can be found in the lighter, cherry-colored Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo.


Taste: Expect flavours such as wild cherry, blackberry, boysenberry, and plum. You may also detect notes of dried tobacco, thyme, or oregano, although the taste will vary from one bottle to the next. Oak-aged Montepulciano wine has more pronounced fruit flavoUrs and tannins, along with notes of chocolate, clove, and other peppery spices.
Tannin: Medium
Acidity: High
Age: Typically best after 4-7 years of vintage, although fine examples last longer.
Potential Alcohol By Volume: 13%
Volume: 23 litres
Weeks to Make: 6 Weeks
Makes: 23 litres

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