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Nukatap Mini - Kegland

Nukatap Mini - Kegland


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Nukatap Mini - Kegland

Most conventional beer taps are designed with 10mm diameter nozzle/spout so you can pour a pint in just over 10sec.  This type of flow rate is great for your keggerator or keezer but this high flow rate requirement is not not necessary or desirable for all applications.  For compact portable systems, or for a smaller home brew draft systems a slower flow rate is easier to control and reduces foaming issues due to the low liquid volume stored in the tap body.

This Nukatap mini is also great for a portable system. This tap and a flow control ball lock disconnect assembly is small enough to literally put in your pocket making it ideal for mini keg setups that you want to be portable or that you want to easily fit inside a domestic fridge where space is tight.


  • Forward sealing
  • Laminar flow - Reduces foaming
  • Integrated seals that are indestructible and more sanitary
  • Superior first pour foam due to low thermal mass and conductivity

Note: All accessories sold separately

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