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Oat Malt - Canada Malting Co.

Oat Malt - Canada Malting Co.

$3.05 per 454g (Sold in bulk)


Oat Malt - Canada Malting Co.

Oat Malt can improve mouthfeel and introduce notes of a toasted, grainy, biscuity aroma and taste. This malt can also contribute beta-glucans, otherwise known as soluble fiber, to add an extra health-promoting property. Great for Porters, Stouts, and British Ales to achieve that characteristic oat texture and silkiness.

Sorry we are unable to mill this malt, it slides right through even at the tightest gap.  If you are mixing this grain with other grains, we will pass it in the mill with the others.


10 - 20% in the grain bill for a light oat character.
20 - 50% for a distinct oat flavour.


°L: 2 - 2.8


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