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Recettes de Bieres et Industrie Brassicole 2019

Recettes de Bieres et Industrie Brassicole 2019



Recettes de Bières et Indutrie Brassicole 2019

Second edition of the annual series celebrating the brewing community from here and beyond, with articles from microbrewery associations as well as recipes from professional brewers for all those who wish to brew beer at home.

In this second edition, we find several recipes from microbreweries in Quebec and Canada.

NOTE: This book is in french only.

BaronMag has release an English version which contains recipes from the last 3 french books.


Interviews with Matthieu Dorion sur la méthodologie de brassage maison, Hervé Loux, Martin Thibault, Simon Bossé, et plus.

Interviews and recipes

  • Beauregard
  • Boréale
  • Noir et Blanche
  • Overhop
  • Ras l’bock
  • La barberie
  • MonsRegius
  • 4 Origines
  • Matera Brasseur tonnelier
  • Vrooden
  • L’espace public
  • Noctem artisans brasseurs
  • Moulin7
  • Le Caveau des Trois-Pistoles
  • Echo Session Ale
  • Bandit Brewery
  • Big Bang Beer
  • À la fût
  • Isle de garde
  • La Chasse-Pinte
  • Le Presbytère
  • Le Saint-Fût
  • Pie Braque
  • Riverbend
  • Gallicus
  • Kahnawake
  • Black Lab
  • Blood Brothers
  • Blindman Brewery
  • Brew Windsor
  • Cervesa Ibosim
  • East Lake Brewery
  • La Nébuleuse
  • O Creek Brewing
  • La Pirata