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Red Wheat Malt - Briess

Red Wheat Malt - Briess

$3.15 per 454g (Sold in bulk)


Red Wheat Malt - Briess

Use as part or all of base malt in wheat beers. Red wheat malt has a slightly higher protein than white wheat malt. Often used in Hefeweizen and other traditional wheat styles due to a distinctive, characteristic wheat flour flavour.

Flavours and characteristics

Higher protein, wheat flour flavour.


  • 5% Improves head and head retention in any beer style
  • 10 - 20% Traditional Kolsch
  • 30 - 40% composed with raw wheat or wheat flakes in traditional Belgian Wit.
  • Common usage rate in wheat beers 50%.


°L: 2.3

Beer styles

Wheat beers, Hefeweizen, Belgian Wit, Kolsch and other beer styles


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