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Red X Malt - 25kg - BestMalz

Red X Malt - 25kg - BestMalz


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Red X Malt - 25kg - Best Malz

Best Malz Red X Malt is a delightfully unique malt that produces a beautiful red coloured wort without the need for other malts. Crafted using a special malting process developed by Best Malz, this malt converts well and has a full-bodied malty flavour. For beers with a gravity higher than 1.048 try some other base malts to retain the desired red hue.

Use in any beer for an exceptional red colour. Great for IPA's, American Style Ales, Bitter's, and Wheat Beer styles.

Or try it in a SMaSH!


°L: 8.7 - 10.2


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