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Special B Malt - Dingemans

Special B Malt - Dingemans

$3.85 per 454g (Sold in bulk)


Special B Malt - Dingemans

Special B malt  is a dark caramel malt. Special B gets its unique aroma and flavour from a unique double drying process. This malt has an intense caramel flavour and is often connected to the raisin-like flavour of some Belgian abbey beers. Special B will impart less bitterness in your beer than other dark caramel malts. All caramelised malts have a positive effect on foam stability from as little as 5% of the grain bill.


Up to 15%


°L: 113

Flavours and characteristics

Intense caramel flavour

Possible substitutes

CaraAroma Malt - Weyermann


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