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Special Roast Malt - Briess - 22.7kg

Special Roast Malt - Briess - 22.7kg



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Special Roast Malt - Briess - 22.7kg

Special Roast is a drum-roasted biscuit-style malt that is more deeply roasted than Victory malt. It is produced from a proprietary malting/roasted process that kicks up the intensity of the toasty and biscuity flavours. It develops noticeable bran flake notes and creates its distinguishing bold sourdough/tangy flavour.

Flavours and characteristics

Contributes a toasty, biscuity, and notable bran flake flavours while also being able to contribute sourdough, tangy flavour with deep golden to brown hues.


Up to 10%


°L: 30

Beer styles

IPA, ESB, Amber, Nut Brown Ale, Porter and other dark beer styles

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